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Underground Airwaves: Wendell Berry on the Value of Intangibles

_DSF0079Lola Milholland of Edible Portland and the nonprofit Ecotrust and her mother Theresa Marquez of Organic Valley recently spoke with legendary farmer, author, and eloquent octogenarian Wendell Berry at the Organic Valley annual meeting in April. He shares his thoughts on the economic value of intangibles, gives advice for parents who want to empower their children to act for change, and recollects sweet childhood memories.

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Underground Airwaves: Christopher Leonard

-1Investigative reporter Christopher Leonard has spent years researching the poultry industry in the southern United States. In his book, The Meat Racket: The Secret Takeover of America’s Food Business, he writes about the vertical integration of the poultry industry and the rippling effects it has on farmers, consumers, and the entire U.S. food system. In this episode of the podcast, Leonard discusses the book as well as a chance encounter with Don Tyson – a man who carries great responsibility for the state of the poultry industry – in an Arkansas hotel restaurant.

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Underground Airwaves: Sam Andamarium

Andemariam picSam Andemariam was born in Eritrea and grew up in Ethiopia, where his home was attached to the family restaurant. He tells a story about his father’s passion, bordering on obsession, for the intricacies of preparing food well. With his wife, Sam recently started the business Mariam Foods, which specializes in Ethiopian inspired lentil dips. His goal is to establish a place on the grocery store shelf for Ethiopian foods so that his children can see their culture represented.                   Read the rest

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