Backroad Journeys: Shields Ethridge Heritage Farm


The Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm is an “outdoor agricultural museum that functions as an education and interpretative facility in northeast Georgia,” about 50 miles from Atlanta. The family history goes back as far as 1802 when Joseph Shields and his family settled in the Georgia frontier. The seventh and eighth generations have inherited the 152-acres and Susan Chaisson’s children and grandchildren 7th and 8th generation owners) still live on the farm and preserve its heritage and buildings. In 1994 the foundation was created to establish a non-profit for the farm and preserve the existing buildings on the property. They offer tours and special events like the Black Pot Cooking event in October and the Cultivator’s Market that runs from April through October.

Music for Backroad Journey’s – “BuckDancer’s Choice” by Wayne Henderson

Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm

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