Farmer Ric Murphy & Sol Harvest Farm


Farmer Ric Murphy and his wife, Aimee Conlee are the founders of Sol Harvest Farms a small urban, organic farm in Albuquerque, NM offering local, seasonal, year-round fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers! 

Built from a foundation of their locally grown  “leafy greens” products, their fast-growing business exemplifies an ideal, efficient, community focused farm-to-table operation. Sol Harvest grows seasonal fruits, aimee1vegetables, herbs and flowers all year-round.Sol Harvest serves local restaurants, independent grocers and sells what it grows at the Downtown Growers Market near downtown Albuquerque.

Today, they are growing “organically” through their heartfelt connection to community, keeping a pulse with the local demand.

Recently, I spoke with Farmer Ric Murphy about their story, their challenges, their success and their vision for Sol Harvest. The story starts with a powerful team with complimentary skill sets, and an eye for opportunity on a local level.

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