Underground Airwaves: Kris Soebroto & The Sisters of the Road Café

Kris Soebroto with Underground Airwaves host Chris Segal

Kris Soebroto with Underground Airwaves host Chris Segal

On Underground Airwaves, we talk a lot about the enjoyment of food. But for many people there are economic and social factors that keep them from the opportunities of enjoying good, healthy food. At the Sisters of the Road Cafe, they are attempting to make eating good food available to all people. Their hot food barter model allows them to serve fresh foods that you would normally not find in a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. They also focus on dining with dignity, which creates an inclusive community where everyone’s needs can be served. We have a story from Kris Soebroto who has worked at Sisters of the Road for several years. She has gotten to know the community at Sisters intimately and has seen first hand the humanizing effect of a dignified dining experience. She talks about the work they are attempting at Sisters and how some of the things we take for granted, such as giving a gift, can be incredibly meaningful. The story and interview were recorded at KBOO Community Radio in Portland, OR. Find more information about the Sisters of the Road Cafe at SistersOfTheRoad.org.

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