Episode 125: The Drink Tank – Carolina Wild


Drink Tank host Gibson Thomas, publisher and editor of edible Marin & Wine Country, talks to Dennis Tracz, founder and CEO of Carolina Wild, a new muscadine juice producer in Pink Hill, NC.

Native Americans cultivated muscadines, a type of wild grape, and sipped their sweet, funky juice, long before the new world was “discovered” by seafaring Europeans.  Recent studies have found muscadines to be higher in antioxidants and polyphenols than any other fruit, once again proving the innate wisdom of our elders.

Touted by 16th Century Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano and, later, English voyager Sir Walter Raleigh, who, legend has it, sent a keg of muscadine wine back to his queen, Elizabeth I, muscadines and the wine, juice and jelly traditionally made from their juice, have remained largely a Southern secret until now.  Tracz and his wife, Elizabeth Maxwell, a Pink Hill native, intend to change that.

Tracz and Maxwell’s secret recipe utilizes over 300 different muscadine cultivars to craft a distinctively delicious juice that can be simply sipped over ice, or included in recipes as varied as ice cream, mignonette sauce and a cocktail or two.

Learn more about Carolina Wild muscadine juice at www.CarolinaWildJuice.com.

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