Episode 126 Drink Tank with Tom Michaelsen of Karlsson’s Vodka

Drink Tank host Gibson Thomas, publisher and editor of Edible Marin & Wine Country, talks to Tom Michaelsen, marketing manager of Karlsson’s Gold Vodka.

Tom explains why Karlsson’s Gold Vodka is wildly different from most of its modern-day vodka brethren. And it is. Blended from seven varietals of virgin new potatoes grown on Sweden’s Cape Bjare, Karlsson’s Gold Vodka is produced in a way that actually preserves and celebrates the flavors of its star ingredients. Meant to be sipped and savored, expert reviewers actually attribute notes of earth, grass and ripe fruit to the spirit – a far cry from other vodkas that are distilled multiple times with the goal of removing all taste and smell. Tom and Gibson also discuss how the co-op of around 50 farmers who grow these special potatoes in the Cape Bjare area are able to preserve their generations-old land and traditions with the revenue generated by selling their potatoes to Karlsson’s. Learn more about Karlsson’s Gold Vodka, including where to find it in your area and interesting cocktail recipes, at Karlssonsvodka.com.

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