Episode 124 Drink Tank with Ben Jones

Drink Tank host Gibson Thomas, publisher and editor of Edible Marin & Wine Country, talks to Benjamin Mélin-Jones, managing director of Clément USA Inc. and descendant of Homere Clément, deemed by many to be the “father of Rhum Agricole.”

Gibson and Ben discuss the introduction of sugar cane into the Carribean by Christopher Columbus, the discovery of it’s “spirituous” properties when fermented and distilled and how the “sugar crisis” in the late 1800s led to the creation of Rhum Agricole – a spirit produced directly from fresh pressed cane juice and protected by it’s own AOC designation. A spirit with a long and storied history, Rhum Agricole is enjoying a renaissance in today’s cocktail culture.

Learn more about Rhum Agricole, the legacy of Homere Clément and where to find Rhum Clément spirits near you at Clément USA Inc.

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