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EDIBLE COMMUNITIES, INC. is a publishing and information services company that creates editorially rich, community-based, local-foods publications in distinct culinary regions throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. Through our publications, supporting websites, and events, we connect consumers with family farmers, growers, chefs, and food artisans of all kinds. We believe that every person has the right to affordable, fresh, healthful food on a daily basis and that knowing where our food comes from is a powerful thing. We are a for-profit, member-driven corporation – individuals who own our publications are local-foods advocates and residents of the communities they publish in – a business model that not only supports our values, but also preserves the integrity of our member publications and the communities we serve.

As we live, so we work…
At the heart of our company is a commitment to sustaining the unique local flavors and economic viability of the communities we serve. As individuals and professionals, we live, breathe and literally, eat these values. They are reflected in our work and in our lives.

Meet the Founders of Edible Communities

Tracey Ryder

Tracey Ryder


n 2002, with more than twenty years of marketing, writing and graphic design experience under her belt, Tracey Ryder co-founded Edible Communities, Inc. as a way to combine these professional skills and enhance her personal values. Growing up in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, Tracey spent her childhood paddling a canoe and canning vegetables from her family garden. This pure environment, rich with seasonal flavors, taught her that the best way to look at the world was from the ground up. It is this perspective that helps Tracey maintain the grassroots nature of Edible Communities, connecting consumers, farmers, purveyors, chefs and food artisans of all kinds through her community-based publications.

Tracey holds degrees in graphic design, journalism and psychology. In 1988, she completed the professional chefs training program at the Epicurean Cooking School in Los Angeles. Tracey believes that the only way for people to really know where their food comes from is to put a face to every farmer, and that these personal relationships are the key to a successful and healthy food delivery system. Tracey’s vision of sustaining the unique local flavors and economic viability of communities across the United States and Canada is the heart and soul of Edible Communities. She is actively involved in writing and recipe development for the forthcoming book Edible Nation: Local Heroes from America’s Sustainable Farm and Food Scene being published in March 2010, by John Wiley & Sons.

Carole Topalian



arole Topalian, co-founder and vice president of Edible Communities, Inc., travels the world with a gifted and finely tuned photographer’s eye. Carole’s photographs bring the Edible Communities’ mission to life, telling visual narratives about what local food networks look like today. Capturing the essence and purity of a single vegetable at the peak of ripeness or a pair of weathered farmer’s hands, readers immediately connect with the compelling images that fill all Edible magazines. Topalian’s unique ability to bring stories to life and to communicate through her photography is what allows her to excel as the publishing group’s creative director.

Earlier in her career, Carole owned a Los Angeles-based multimedia company where she produced several award-winning advertising and promotional campaigns for major corporations. In the 1990’s, she decided to leave the corporate world behind and study psychology at Pacific Graduate Institute. Today, Carole enjoys life in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she is an active ceramicist and gardener. Her fine art photographs have been exhibited in over 70 shows throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. Visit www.topalianphoto.com for more information. Her photos will be featured in the forthcoming book Edible Nation: Local Heroes from America’s Sustainable Farm and Food Scene being published in March 2010, by John Wiley & Sons.

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